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Leadership Coaching: Vision, lead, change, convincing

Leadership Coaching

Are you responsible for substantial change? Are you the change manager? Do you want to initiate a fundamental change? Have you been entrusted with the implementation of a new vision or strategy? Are you taking on a new leadership role? Do you want to inspire and motivate people? Do you want to convince your steakholders?

The Executive Leadership Coaching in my office located in 1010 Vienna or online will help you to develop and achieve your goals, manage change and generate enthusiasm among your employees and stakeholders.

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  • Successful change is always based on a convincing and inspiring vision. Coaching and mentoring will help you to overcome barriers among employees, your organisation or your business and to successfully implement profound changes.
  • When it comes to radical transformations, the leadership role involves more attention than the management role.
  • Ask yourself which factors are crucial at which times. Your leadership is particularly important. Developing a sense of urgency to the detriment of complacency among your stakeholders needs your creativity. The challenge is to actively question the dysfunctionality of the individual or the team and to embrace change with enthusiasm.

Leadership Coaching for successful change management processes

As an Executive Leadership Coach, I use my methodological knowledge and professional experience in the field of “Leading Change” and work together with you to develop ideas and perspectives that will convince and inspire your employees, management and steakholders.

My Leadership Coaching comprises, among other things, the following topics:

  • Define a clear and compelling vision
  • Develop a powerful 360° communication
  • Identify key people and use them to achieve your goals
  • Use the “momentum” and maintain the spirit

Frequently asked questions

A Leadership Coach operates methodically and helps the coachee to prepare change processes thoroughly, above all convincing people and inspiring them to embrace new ideas. Change management processes are mainly about leadership. 

Leadership Coaching supports the coachee in dealing creatively with individual issues in the context of his or her change management task and in defining the right approach for him or her in order to gain confidence for the implementation.

Executive Leadership Coaching is tailored to your individual needs, depending on the type of guidance you are looking for. Generally speaking, leadership coaching can proceed as follows:

  • Firstly, we define your future or existing leadership tasks. Which changes do you have to expect, in which form and in which time frame?
  • Through methodical questioning, Executive Leadership Coaching helps to promote your creativity in order to evaluate different perspectives, approaches, ideas and views of all stakeholders for the achievement of your tasks.
  • Together we develop a flexible plan which covers all the different stages of the change process and provides security.
  • If desired, I will support and accompany you in the implementation of your change management process in the course of leadership coaching.

The duration of a Career Coaching depends on your own goals, the urgency and the type and scope of the coaching. Experience has shown that a career coaching takes between 5 and 7 sessions and is conducted over a number of weeks.

One to two weeks between sessions help you to focus intensively on your career topic.

It is important that the coaching process is tailored to your individual needs and goals and helps you to to successfully drive the change management process forward.

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