Dr. Dieter Kainz – coaching und mentoring

An initial session is a chance to get to know each other. The initial appointment takes about 20 minutes and is free of charge and non-binding. If possible, first meetings are held in person. During the coaching or mentoring programme, however, we can certainly also work together online.


We discuss your issues and decide together how you would like to proceed. I explain the approach used in coaching and how mentoring can work.


The intervals between the units depend on the individual situation. Of course, I will be guided by your wishes; in any case, your needs are decisive.


Obviously, you can ask any questions which are important to you to get a full picture of how we work together. If you commit yourself to a coaching or mentoring with me, you and I can already schedule suitable dates at the initial meeting. Alternatively, you can decide at a later date.

don't solve problems. pursue opportunities.

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As your coach, I will support you professionally to gain clarity and to mobilise your resources, to utilise and successfully implement these resources. The underlying idea is that you have enough potential to achieve your goals. It is about defining your vision within the context of your values and defining your goals and implementing the respective strategy in a passionate manner. The coaching generally involves 5 to 7 sessions of 60 minutes each. Needless to say, that you decide on the overall period of time.


Mentoring, like coaching, is about creating clarity and using your potential to achieve maximum results. Moreover, I am your sparring partner to exchange ideas and I will guide you through the implementation process – if needed also as consultant – until you reach your goals. Mentoring is usually over a longer period of time and can be done over a few months. Mentoring might also be repeated. Again, you decide on the length of time.

Discretion and trust is the basis of my C&M.


Let’s not lose any time!