Dr. Dieter Kainz


are you facing a challenge?

My coaching and mentoring offers you the opportunity to gain clarity about your goals and take the actions that are appropriate to you.

my profil

In my role as a CEO, I have many years of professional experience in both listed and privately owned companies. Furthermore, I completed an extensive coaching qualification according to Erickson (Erickson International) and am holder of a certificate by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Your success is also mine
and together we create values


Develop and shape thoughts, structure and implement ideas.

Visualise your goals and develop a strategy with appropriate measures for implementation. Unleash your potential and motivate others to achieve your goals.

Let enthusiasm guide you, because it is your goal to determine and only you know what is best for you and how you can achieve it best.

Success needs enthusiasm and enthusiasm needs success.


Face to face or alternatively online

After a free and non-binding initial discussion, we jointly develop a customised schedule on the scope and time frame of your sessions.

Return on investment

success through clarity, enthusiasm and motivation

Increase the ability for self-coaching, efficiency and success. Coaching and mentoring definitely improve the success rate of leaders, managers, companies and organisations. Additionally C & M increases your performance results and therefore your quality of live.



Developing a vision

Coaching helps you to generate your vision and to gain clarity for your actions. It is about opening perspectives and overcoming beliefs and being open to new things and action.

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my blog draws attention to the potential of coaching & mentoring to evolve perspectives and skills.


Let’s not lose any time!