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Coaching for Executives: Perspective, creativity, quality, decision-making-progress

Decision Coaching

Are you facing major decisions? You want to initiate a change of direction and you are comfortable in doing so? You are uncertain? You want to minimize risks involved with the decision? What does making the right decision mean to you? Why do you want to make a decision at all?

Decision Coaching in my office or online will help you to develop confidence and courage for substantial decisions. Resolving indecision results in gaining freedom and energy for the actual tasks at hand.

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  • Complex decisions arise from the requirements of even more complex environments. Our constricted understanding of the environment and our underlying perceptions frequently lead us to suboptimal decisions.
  • In this process, coaching and mentoring can broaden your perspective and increase your creativity.
  • The assessment of what is a good decision is usually made at the wrong time. It makes less sense in hindsight, especially since we cannot always predict the outcome due to numerous factors, especially external factors.
  • The quality of the decision-making process, i.e. the considerations that lead to the decision, are the issue. Coaching and/or mentoring in the decision-making process will eliminate misconceptions, which arise mainly unknowingly, improving the quality of choices we make.

Coaching for Executives in the decision-making process

As a Decision Coach I apply methodological knowledge and professional experience in the decision-making process and help you to develop different perspectives and ways of thinking to increase the quality of your decisions. Coaching for executives also means to enhance the awareness of the coachee in the decision-making process. Executive coaching supports and encourages to gain confidence in the decision-making process.

My Decision Coaching comprises, among other things, the following topics in the decision-making process:

  • Define the “actual choice”
  • Reducing the complexity of the decision to a level useful to you
  • Eliminate thought errors and achieve clarity
  • Decide and be the “doer”

Frequently asked questions

Decision Coaching is a methodical approach that encourages the coachee, e.g. by asking specific questions, to develop new perspectives and to act differently when making decisions. Decision Coaching for executives is about accompanying the coachee in the decision-making process. This involves a lot of reflection, which enhances quality by increasing creativity and enthusiasm.

Decision coaching encourages the coachee to creatively address their concerns in order to find a decision to change direction or not to change at all.

Decision coaching is tailored to your individual needs, depending on the type of coaching you are looking for. In general, executive coaching can work as follows

  • At first, we identify the question or decision you need to address. Identifying the “actual” decision
  • By methodically asking questions, we determine which factors have a decisive influence on the decision-making process. Influencing factors
  • Evaluation of the thought process, are there any beliefs which are a barrier? Risks
  • If you wish, I will assist and support you in the implementation of your decisions.

The duration of a decision-making Coaching depends on your own goals, the urgency and the type and scope of the coaching. Experience has shown that a Decision-making Coaching session takes between 5 and 7 sessions and is conducted over a number of weeks.

One to two weeks between sessions help you to focus and deal with your decision-making process intensively.

It is important that the coaching process is tailored to your individual needs and goals and helps you to come to a decision which is acceptable to you.

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