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Career Coaching

Are you unhappy in your current position or uncertain how to progress your career? What does fulfilment in your job actually mean and which goals do you want to achieve? What makes you stand out from others and how can you utilise your full potential?

My Career Coaching in my office or online will help you to get to know yourself better, to define your goals and to progress your career.

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  • In professional life, the world is moving faster and faster and it seems that one job is not enough. Change is what the world is all about, be it in your existing organisation, in a new company or by starting your own business.
  • Phases of change need thorough planning and require a lot of energy. Careers do not progress linearly.
  • An assessment of your current position in terms of passion, potential, values, opportunities, your personal life, timing and more is essential for a successful transition. It is about your vision of the future, which is the source for your enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Coaching and mentoring will help you to refocus and develop this creativity needed to work towards your professional goals. Specifically, we identify your strengths and potentials, even those hidden and unused.

Achieve your professional goals and enhance your career

In my role as a Career Coach, I use both my methodological knowledge and professional experience in career development to help you identify your own professional goals and strengths to develop your individual success plan.

My Career Coaching comprises, among other things, the following topics:

  • Interests and passion supporting your career
  • Identifying your potential to develop your career
  • Developing creativity for your career
  • Defining goals and career plans for your professional growth

Frequently asked questions

A Career Coach works methodically and helps people to develop their professional career by offering career advice. The coaching involves identifying individual aspirations and strengths, defining and planning career goals and developing a career plan.

Coaching encourages the coachee to explore themes in the context of his or her intended career in a creative manner, to take right decisions for him- or herself and to follow appropriate steps for his or her career development.

A Career Coaching is tailor-made to your individual requirements, depending on the type of coaching you need. In general, career coaching can be done in the following way:

  • First we find out what career goals or specific career aspirations you may have.
  • By questioning methodically, we will identify your aspirations, values, strengths, interests and more to get a better understanding of where you see yourself in your career.
  • Together we develop a career plan based on your individual needs and goals. This plan will include actions you can take to advance your career development.
  • If desired, I support and accompany you in the implementation of your career plan as part of your career coaching.

The duration of a Career Coaching depends on your own goals, the urgency and the type and scope of the coaching. Experience has shown that a career coaching takes between 5 and 7 sessions and is conducted over a number of weeks.

One to two weeks between sessions help you to focus intensively on your career topic.

It is important that the coaching process is tailored to your individual needs and goals and helps you to advance your professional career.

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