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You have a new idea or vision? You want to change something fundamentally and develop a strategy? You want to lead your current professional or entrepreneurial situation into a new future? You want to develop a suitable strategy for your vision? You want to motivate your colleagues and stakeholders with a convincing vision and strategy.

My strategy coaching in my office or online helps you to formulate your vision, your ideas and goals and to develop a compatible strategy including a plan.

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  • VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) requires a clear vision to develop a successful strategy. A vision is the result of a creative process which reflects your potential.
  • Through coaching and mentoring we will activate your creativity, innovative thinking and potential. In this process, your focus and vision will be strengthened, leading to more confidence and enthusiasm for the newly defined vision of your future.
  • Without a vision you have no goal, and without a goal and precise positioning it is impossible to develop a successful strategy. Linear planning of the future environment is not a modern strategy approach. Rather, it is about being reflective. Coaching and mentoring enables you to open up new horizons in a creative and agile manner.

implement your ideas, your vision with the help of a strategy coaching

As a Strategy Coach and Mentor, I use my methodological knowledge and professional experience in the field of change and help you to define your vision and strategy, including an action plan.

My Strategy Coaching comprises, among other things, the following topics:

  • From the idea and values to vision
  • Unleash creativity, develop perspectives, define the future
  • Develop a strategy, compatible plan
  • Inspire people and stakeholders and implement a strategic plan

Frequently asked questions

A Strategy Coach works methodically and helps people to identify their vision as a basis for developing a compliant strategy. This includes the identification of individual ideas, the definition of a clear vision and the creation of a strategy plan. In strategy coaching, the coachee is encouraged to deal creatively with topics in the context of his or her vision in order to make the right decisions and take appropriate measures.

Strategy coaching is tailored to your individual needs, depending on the type of advice you are looking for. In general, strategy coaching could proceed as follows:

  • First of all, we find out which ideas you want to implement, or you already have a more specific idea of your vision.
  • Through methodical questioning, your creative thinking is stimulated to develop multiple perspectives.
  • Define a crystal clear, understandable and inspiring vision (picture of the future) as the basis for a strategy.
  • Develop a possible strategy to implement the vision.

The duration of a career coaching depends on your own goals, the urgency and the type and scope of the coaching. Experience has shown that a career coaching takes between 5 and 7 sessions and is conducted over a number of weeks.

One to two weeks between sessions help you to focus intensively on your career topic.

It is important that the coaching process is tailored to your individual needs and goals and helps you to advance your professional career.

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