Coaching helps you to generate your vision and to gain clarity for your actions. It is about opening perspectives and overcoming beliefs and being open to new things and action. Coaching and mentoring are indispensable in today’s professional world, they increase your performance, your success, your satisfaction and your quality of life.

Every strategy needs a vision and is the basis for structured action. A clear strategy gives us the opportunity to develop a compatible plan for the future.

It is simply a matter of which path you choose to achieve your business or private goal. You shape your future proactively and do not leave it to chance.

Every action we take makes sense from our point of view, whether consciously or unconsciously, and there is always a goal behind it, based on an idea of a vision. Coaching and mentoring are based on this and help you to develop a picture of your future in different business or personal challenges, as a basis for future actions.


Coaching and mentoring as person-centered support enhance your creative and innovative thinking and help you to focus your view – in an increasingly complex environment. An “out of the box” thinking is activated.  Coaching and mentoring provide the space and time you need to do this.

A vision is a challenging wishful thinking combined with a strong emotion that triggers enthusiasm. This applies equally to you as an executive in the corporate environment as well as in your private life. You develop a passion because your vision also matches your abilities.

With the help of coaching and mentoring you activate your subconscious and all your strengths, even the hidden ones, and develop undreamt-of forces from which you draw motivation.

A vision conveys a picture of the future, a statement of direction that creates clarity and is worth striving for. As an executive, it is of course also about your visible conviction, which should trigger enthusiasm among all your stakeholders. Ultimately, your vision is the driver for desired change.

Coaching and mentoring support you in developing your vision of the future as an action tool for successful planning for implementation.

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In my role as a CEO, I have many years of professional experience in both listed and private companies.  Furthermore, I completed an extensive coaching qualification according to Erickson (Erickson Solution Focused Coach) and am also certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring help you develop visions and unleash your creativity. Visions are originally wishes and correspond to your abilities.

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