Der Coach im Entscheidungsprozess

Decisions are part of our lives. Fundamental decisions, i.e. significant changes in direction, are strongly subconscious and require more comprehensive thinking. The decision-making coach supports you in broadening your perspectives and awareness to enable a better cognitive understanding.

Making a decision or choosing between two or more options involves losing optionssubjectively. However, the positive aspect of making decisions is: you want to improve something and also obtain profit. With the help of coaching, you can elaborate your KPI’s and use them as your greatest motivator.

Der Coach im Entscheidungsprozess

Every decision needs a health willingness to take risks.

Future decisions are usually associated with problems, and that is precisely why it is important to recognize the actual problem. In this phase, the coach or mentor supports you in maintaining your objectivity.

Risks of decisions such as excessive optimism, lack of focus, lack of expertise, unjustified fears or asking the wrong question are specifically defused by coaching in the decision-making process.

the quality of the decision is determined by the decision-making process. the path is the goal.

The world is changing and parameters that are decisive for decisions do not necessarily remain unchanged in the future. You can only start from the present or today’s knowledge, so it makes no sense to talk down decisions that are made in the future. You actively influence the decision-making process, and it is this process that determines quality.

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In my role as a CEO, I have many years of professional experience in both listed and private companies.  Furthermore, I completed an extensive coaching qualification according to Erickson (Erickson Solution Focused Coach) and am also certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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