Coaching and mentoring help you develop visions and unleash your creativity. Visions are originally wishes and correspond to your abilities. When you see your future in images, i.e., you have an idea of what it looks like, you develop enthusiasm and motivation. This is how we humans function.

Supporting change and growth are the essential contents of coaching & mentoring. In addition, personal strengths are used, and awareness of achievements is raised to encourage enthusiasm for new things.

Coaching & Mentoring are not conversations, but a methodically guided communication with the coachee. It is primarily about promoting self-reflection and self-direction.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring is about creating space and time for the executive and the aspiring executive to develop perspectives for action. It is about recognizing your opportunities according to the quote by Peter Drucker: “Don’t solve problems. Pursue opportunities.”

Your self-confidence and self-awareness will be strengthened and subsequently, of course, your ability to fully utilize your professional competencies. Effective and efficient action sets in.

in coaching & mentoring, the coach or mentor does not take decisions for anyone.

The point is to support the coachee professionally in his decision-making. Enthusiasm is drawn from one’s own resource-based decision and thus a high degree of identification is generated. We all have experienced the effect how the joy of one’s own idea can support ones challenge. It is your vision that you have developed and which you stick to. You are motivated and activate your resources, skills and experience, even those that are hidden. Coaching and mentoring inspire.

Opening perspectives in executive coaching and mentoring enables you to make decisions that have a positive monetary impact. It is an opening of perspectives that limit us. A contextually perceived “subjective reality,” manifested with beliefs, are extremely constricting and lead to suboptimal decisions in different situations. Coaching and mentoring help you open your vision, reflect and develop the ability to think differently about situations.

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In my role as a CEO, I have many years of professional experience in both listed and private companies.  Furthermore, I completed an extensive coaching qualification according to Erickson (Erickson Solution Focused Coach) and am also certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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