Coaching means work and change for you. The ROI (Return On Investment) of coaching or mentoring varies in outcome depending on the topic, but always delivers clarity, enthusiasm, motivation and goal achievement.

Intensive engagement with relevant topics, especially in a business context by executives, always leads to valuable insights. “Valuable” also in the sense of monetarily valuable. Equally valuable are decisions in the personal realm, especially as they are made with positive intent. There are of course correspondences between professional issues and personal issues, so a clear demarcation of value is not so relevant.

I remember various workshops, coaching sessions and discussions with sparring partners. The results were always a gain for interested executives. In other words, a “gain“.

We also know this from our own experience when we constructively contact critical people to gain new insights. Results of decisions are thereby qualitatively and quantitatively improved.

Coaching and mentoring support this process significantly.

Understanding complex processes linearly, as cause-effect, is not appropriate. An understanding of interactions of influencing parameters is valuable. Coaching and mentoring also start here and support your understanding to think and decide dynamically and sustainably.

There are some approaches to measuring the ROI of coaching and mentoring. In relevant literature, the output is described as a multiple of the capital investment. ICF, the “International Coaching Federation”, speaks in this context of a four – eightfold benefit. An exact measurement is probably not seriously feasible. Still, empirically, significant benefits are recognized, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

A more understandable and objective approach for me is the assessment of the investment by the coachee himself. Scaling topics contextually, i.e. assigning that value to the achievement of a goal, which results from the monetary evaluation of the coachee.

You yourself know best what value you generate when you succeed. What is the value of a brilliant vision, a strong strategy, preparation for a new challenge and much more?

What becomes possible when I succeed is your most important evaluation formula.

"what becomes possible when i succeed?", is your most important evaluation formula.

Added value additionally comes from the fact that you look at the benefits of your goal. It is your cost – benefit consideration and it is your “return on investment“.

In any case, coaching and mentoring can claim a clear benefit with a good relation to the capital invested.

about me

In my role as a CEO, I have many years of professional experience in both listed and private companies.  Furthermore, I completed an extensive coaching qualification according to Erickson (Erickson Solution Focused Coach) and am also certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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