New in the
leadership position,

your first 100 days. Priorities?

  • Leadership changes are commonplace and reflect the increasingly fast and frequent changes of direction in businesses and corporations.
  • Changes are opportunities for both parties involved, for you as a manager and leader as well as for the shareholder.
  • Your risk, whether as industry insider or outsider, in the new role is extensive and in the “worst case” a downturn in your career. The main reason why half of all new appointments fail is due to differing expectations.
  • Coaching & mentoring supports you to gain confidence and clarity in all upcoming activities and to fully unleash your potential and energy. Mentoring can guide you over a longer period of time to complete the necessary tasks.
  • Coaching and mentoring create confidence, enthusiasm and motivation and empower you with charisma, which you can use to convince employees of your ideas.



Rethinking situations – let’s not lose any time!